Airsculpt Facades

3D Façades

Façade architecture has come a long way within the last 20-years with more and more designers, architects and even marketers realising how Multidimensional Facades / 3D Dimensional Façades dramatically enhances a buildings appeal. 3D façade architecture includes design developments which either simulates the appearance of a three dimensional aspect, or facades which actually include fundamental three dimensional structural elements.

Airsculpt-Facades are one the only few companies whom truly understands the complexities of working within the discipline of multi-dimensional façade architecture and building envelope structures. Our parental heritage of Form Finding architecture ensures we are at the forefront of what is possible in area of multi-dimensional façade design.

With three dimensional façade engineering you are able to totally transform a buildings character, appeal and influence, turning the construction into a venue rather than that of a simple building. By incorporating façade elements that can twist and extrude outwards, all before plunge downwards whilst still being contained within an exquisitely engineered sub-structure of the building, you are able to open up a wealth of sculptural architectural opportunities.


Multi-Layer Façades

By overlaying elements of laser cut, laser scribed and metal mesh technics within a buildings envelope design you are instantly able to create a multi-dimensional effect which draws the eye whilst perplexing your visual definition; blurring and absorbing the true nature of outline on the building.

With our in-house laser cutting and fabrication capabilities, we are able to help assist in façade design development with rapid prototyping, enabling our clients to sign off against accurate modelling samples. The results being Airsculpt-Façades is a company whom are able to provide full turnkey solutions from design concept development and engineering, straight through to installation and project completion.


Façade Lighting

Façade Lighting is also an exceptional and often cost effective way of further enhancing a multi-dimensional design effects within a building’s façade.  Airsculpt-Façades lighting team are able to provide fully comprehensive façade lighting design options from standard practise structural enhancement lighting, trough to multi-media interactive façade lighting solutions. Further information on our lighting solutions can be found here.

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