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Membrane Facade

Membrane Façades

Membrane façades are a highly ‘often costs effective’ way of creating visual impact to a building’s façade and external envelope, creating compelling and inspirational architecture. The Airsculpt Group and now inclusive of Airsculpt-Façades has decades of expertise behind us in the design, engineering, installation and development of membrane façade architecture. With unparalleled management of tensile membrane façade design at our fingertips, Airsculpt-Façades knows better than most how to maximise the benefits which membrane architecture provides over and above alternative design solutions within the world of façade architecture.

Façade Membrane Design

With Façade Membrane Design the world is relatively your oyster when it comes to what is possible. With choices of woven fabric membrane meshes which can replicate metals, solid / opaque membranes that can provide unique a contrast to traditional construction materials, or, translucent films and foils such as Ethylene Tetra Flouro Ethylene (ETFE) which offers more translucency than glass, design options are endless. Furthermore, Membrane Façade Design offers more in the way of design and installation adaptability than any other form of construction material.

Building Envelope Membrane Consultancy

At Airsculpt-Façades we have decades of expertise and knowledge behind us when it comes to helping architects, specifiers and main contractors decide on best options in the way of design, fabrics and installation. The Airsculpt Group has been brought in on to consult on many prestigious construction and renovation façade and building envelope projects, including The Barcelona Camp Nou redevelopment and new NFL Stadium development in Los Angles.

With such a prestigious tensile architectural parentage behind us and our specialisation in façades, we are ideally placed, more than most within the façade and building envelope industry sector, to assist with and work on membrane façade architectural requirements.

Multi-Media Membrane Façades

Our management were amongst the first to embrace the concept of Interactive Fabric Membranes and LED Media projection Stadium sidings. With an in-depth and practical knowledge of working with the world’s leading interactive lighting companies, such as Philips, Osram, and Sony Technologies, Airsculpt-Façades management understand how tensile membrane and media lighting systems merge to form ‘future proof’ interactive architecture. By already working with the latest developments in LED internet (IP protocol) connected systems and advances within fabric technologies, Airsculpt-Façades is able to design and develop membrane façades that interact with their environment, whilst at the same time add to the architectural impact and design.

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