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Louvre’s are architectural horizontal ‘or vertical’ slats that are angled to admit light “direct sunlight” therefore helping reduce heat build-up within glazed building façades. Additionally, Louvre designs are also used but to keep out rain, reduce noise and disguise certain architectural undesirables such as air-cooling units and exhaust outlets. Airsculpt-Façades provides the choice of either bespoke designed and engineering solutions, or customisable standardised options from our standalone Louvre system within our AFSS range of solar shading solutions.


Louvre Options

At Airsculpt-Façades we know that one size does not necessarily fit all, and that on other occasions an off the shelf “easily specified” solution is a more realistic approach to what is needed. That is why we have developed a customisable standard option “AFSS-Louvre” system which allows for significant design and installation adjustability to meet the vast majority of requirements.

Our standard AFSS-Louvre system provides aileron blade angle adjustments of 90˚, 60˚ and 30˚providing a range of angled installations to suit the most occasions.

However, for bespoke solutions we are more than happy to work directly with clients, architects and specifiers to achieve the desired solution that suites the required architectural aspiration. Whereas such bespoke projects require prototype modelling or mock-ups we have full in house production and fabrication facilities, enabling us to design and build full sized replicas of the Louvre designs before sign of and proceeding to actual tooling and production. With such a tailored in-house solution we are able to save on both time and money, whilst improving on engineering and design processes.

Media Blades – Solar Shading

As part of Airsculpt-Facades Louvre design solutions are the option to incorporate RGB LED Media Blades, allowing you to turn a Louvred side of a building into a concealed external video wall. The media blade additional inserts can be seamlessly integrated from the outset, or, as an aftermarket option on most louvre systems; helping create a highly effective media platform for promotions and branding. With 180˚ side throw lighting capacities, rather than the standard 90˚ aspect, the Airsculpt-Façades Media Blade can also be used for enhancing architectural design and superior architectural lighting solutions.

Facade Louvres

Design & Engineering

The standard AFSS-Louvre solar shading system is manufactured from extruded 6000 series aluminium grade, offering durability and reduced structural loading impact.

Available in various coloured anodising and full RAL powered coating; the AFSS-Brise-Soleil system is adaptable towards all forms of façade designs.

Full technical details can be accessed at our download section. For bespoke solutions, pelase contact us directly on + 44 (0) 1249 848649 or email us at info@airsculpt.com