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Interior Facades

Interior Façades

With vast array of materials, such as Metal, Solid Surface, Glass, Ceramic and Wood commonly being used to clad and wrap interior walls and facades, there is no shortage of options available when it comes to achieving the leading architect and designer’s intent for interior facades.

At Airsculpt-Façades we know more than most how important getting the right design and engineering is to fulfilling the overriding design intent and feel. With a working knowledge of a vast amount of the materials used and mentioned below, coupled with our expertise in design and form finding engineering, we are better placed than most when it comes to aiding in the design and installation of interior facade systems and designs.

Today’s modern approach to architecture embraces the open aspect of building design. Large glazed frontage is used to allow more natural light to enter the buildings open and high set ceilings. With the open and enhanced natural light slant removing walling it is no surprise that Interior Facades are becoming a more and more important focal point for architects, designers and end clients alike. Interior Façades are now an integral aspect of modern architectural design for all forms of buildings; commercial and domestic alike, but most importantly within Retail Design.

Interactive Interior Walls

Airsculpt-Façades is heavily focused on the continual design and development of interactive commercial and retail walling. From simple solid surface colour changes at the flick of a switch to our latest Solid Surface Media Panel “Air-LUMM5000™” which allows an entire solid wall to be turned into a video wall, we are at the forefront of media interactive façade walling. With such design, engineering and technological patents at our disposal, we are able to work with end clients and architects to create stunning interior projects. Projects such as interactive media shopping centre walls, video and static advertising walls, colour changing solid surface walls and reception desks within hotel lobbies, the list goes on.

Our patented interactive solid surface video technology is also fully weather proofed, meaning it is available for building exteriors as well.

Sculptured Interior Wall Surfaces

With full in-house metal work fabrication facilities and a dedicated team of designers and engineers, we are well versed in the development of some truly remarkable Sculptured Interior Wall Surfaces.

From embossed or laser etched metal cladding panels to steam and vacuum formed solid surface sheeting, backed by our form finding engineering and sub-frame design development, we are able to deliver relatively limitless design possibilities with interior façade architecture.

Design & Engineering

From initial concept to installation, we provide a full in-house design and engineering consultative approach. Our company’s philosophy is to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible with façade architecture whilst striving to deliver excellence every step of the way. We are also not adverse to cost analysis and value engineering to help ensure the maximum possible achievable design output is met.

If you would like to learn more about what options are available and how best to maximise your design intent, please do hesitate to contact us; where we are more than happy to arrange a meeting and discuss project specifics.