Facade Design & Engineering

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Facade Design & Engineering

Façade Design Engineering

With an impressive tensile architectural and multi-disciplined form finding heritage behind us, you can be sure that Airsculpt-Facades engineering and design capabilities offer aspirational opportunities seldom seen within the facades industry before. With leading engineering being a key attribute and driving force behind Airsculpt-Facades, we are able to successfully help our clients realise their design ambitions.

Advanced disciplines

With engineering being at the centre point of all construction projects it should come as no surprise that the success of any facades project relies on the proficiencies of the supplying engineer. Apart from standard sub-structure engineering’s Airsculpt-Facades regularly performs the following.


With specialised form-finding engineering software and certified engineering personal at our disposal, we are able to engineer and include ever more unpredictable forms and shapes within the facades industry. This allows us to produce innovative façade forms that are coherent with structural and material principles, performance and in context with the buildings sub-structure.

Wind Loadings

Working in tandem with our form finding engineering disciplines, our specialist engineering includes the study of potential loadings implied by regional wind and ‘once in a lifetime’ events. With a computerised 3D modelling, our engineers are able to entre specific material specifications allowing them to carry out rigorous analysis of wind deflection, suction and imposed loadings put upon all elements, including nodes and fixing of the façade structure.

Foundation Calculation

Not all rain screen, expanded mesh, glazed panel or ceramic facades will need connection detailing at ground level; this is dependent upon structural capacities and anticipated loadings. However, in instances where connection detailing at ground level is required, or recommended, Airsculpt-Facades will supply full design foundation details to the main contractor as part of our standard engineering approach.