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Facade Consultancy

Façade Consultancy

At the Airsculpt Group, we are known for our forward thinking design and collaborative approach to architectural consulting. So when it comes to Façade Consultancy you can be sure the same philosophy will be taken.

With today’s advanced computer aided design, new production techniques and construction materials hitting the market every day, such as Embossed Metal Mesh or Interactive Solid Surfaces, the inordinate possibilities for façade architecture can often seem daunting. That is why the Airsculpt Group and Airsculpt Façades employ specialist architects working in collaboration with some of the industry’s top engineers and designers, helping bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the design process.

Engineering & Design

Our façade engineering team works closely with architects; structural engineers, project management consultants and quantity surveyors alike, to help ensure the successful delivery of the façade project. As part of Airsculpt-Facades “multi-disciplinary” integrated approach, we provide additional project specific services as outlined below to aid in the projects delivery.

Among the key services and disciplines we are able to offer is the inclusive and detailed analysis of the building’s envelope and its form find at all appropriate project stages; providing highly efficient development solutions, particularly in relation to overriding structural design and performance.

Project Specifications

The Airsculpt Group including Airsculpt-Façades has worked with many Architects, Architectural Practices, Specifiers and end clients alike to ascertain optimal product specifications, enabling projects to move forward with confirmed engineering’s, product / material performance and value costing. As with all façade projects, priority needs to be set on specifying the right product for the right use; this is a vitally important aspect of the design process. Airsculpt-Façades offers a tailored and scalable approach to specification consultancy from engineering specification to product performance specification. Our connections with leading international engineering practices including FormTL with prestigious and large project heritage, enables us to bring great value in the dual role of both architect and engineer.

Prototypes & Testing

As part of our on-going Façade Consultancy services we are able to provide rapid Prototyping & Testing. With full in-house production and state of the art metal fabrication facilities Airsculpt-Facades can design, engineering and fabricate scaled or full scale prototype models without the need to outsource. This enables us to quickly alter design in situ, rapidly speeding up the development process, saving time and costs which can be lost when outsourced. With testing we often collaborate with leading façade testing laboratories such Exova, Wintech and Vinci Technology Centre depending upon the particular type of testing data is required.

To find out more about our Façade Consultancy services and how we can best help, please do not hesitate to contact us.