January 25, 2017

As we all know the exterior of a building, its façade or envelop as it’s called, plays a massive role in how we see and use the building within. A building’s exterior also tells us what to expect when we get inside whilst also hinting on how the inside space will perform. With this in mind, building envelopes have gone through a massive upgrade in the past 30- years with Ventilated Facades & Rain Screens becoming the most prominent approaches. So, what are the Benefits of Ventilated Facades and Rain Screens? Why are they becoming so popular in modern commercial and now also domestic architecture? Within this following blog and information we hope to provide an explanation.

Building Envelope Appearance

First of all, with new construction techniques, styles and the ever changing demands on how we use and adapt a building; the Building Envelope Appearance has never been so important. If we harp back to the postmodern industrial era, the building’s exterior was used to enforce its and its owner’s status in the area; their importance and dominance.

These days the outside of the building and it’s envelop is used to denote its function and sophistication; whilst also demonstrating its importance in the area……Something’s will never change!  However, with modern techniques allowing us to clad buildings with a wide variety of materials such as Aluminium, Expanded Metal Mesh, Corian, Porcelain tiles, Brick and Membrane Fabrics etc. in numerous shapes and sizes, the façade of a building has now been brought back into the architectural focal point. With such materials being used the modern appearance of the buildings envelope offers various simple yet striking subtle appearances.

This allows architects to develop designs which allow the building to stand out from the crowd without shouting……..”Look at me!” In other occasions, a façade or building exterior which does draw your attention in an ostentatious manner may be exactly what the architect and owners want. In either way, Ventilated Façades and Rain Screen options allow this whilst using similar construction and installation techniques.  Furthermore with the use of integrated architectural lighting within the cladded envelope, such as Air-LUMM™ for Solid Surface Facades, or Air-Lit™ for Expanded Mesh Facades, architects can even have the best of both worlds. A subtle building design which at the flick of a switch turns into a media platform or a beacon, demanding and drawing your attention.



Why are Ventilated Façades so Good?

So Why are Ventilated Façades so Good? There are many reasons why Ventilated Exterior Cladding systems are used other than the amazing architectural designs which can be created by using them. However; the additional and often more important reasons Ventilated Facades and many Rain Screen solutions are specified and used include: Thermal Performance, Heat Defection, Reduced Energy Consumption and overall Building Acoustic Improvement.  All these can be attributed to one single yet simple fact – By wrapping a building with an independent second skin you are isolating the inner construction from all forms of exterior environmental interaction; in essence, enveloping the core building with a protective outer defence. This second skin keeps the inner exterior walls of the building dry by protecting it from rain beating down and driving winds which push the moisture further into the buildings sub-structure.

The second skin forms an insulated cavity which blocks heat transference from outwards to inwards and from inwards to outwards, which significantly improves the overall buildings Thermal Properties whilst reducing operational costs.  Furthermore the already improved acoustic capabilities can be significantly increased by adding acoustic based insulation within the cavity. And that’s not all – As a ventilated building façade can be constructed from various hardwearing materials, allowing the building to withstand more harsh environments and chemical based pollution attacks which modern city life results in, it can also be argued that a Façade Skin also reduces maintenance costs. So as you can see the financial and performance benefits such building envelops prove is enormous.

Building Exterior Transformations

Another of the benefits which Ventilated Façades & Rain Screens offer is the costs effective and relatively instant capability to transform a Building’s Exterior in a matter of weeks.  Adding a Façade Skin to a building can be done on most pre-existing buildings or regeneration construction projects – they’re not just for new builds!

Regardless of the buildings existing construction –  be it Brick, Glass, Concrete, Steel etc., an upgraded building envelop or façade Skin can be added, providing an enhanced and refreshed appearance whilst allowing the building to enjoy all the additional benefits as mentioned above. This is why most major regeneration projects include significant element of enhanced façade architecture using ventilated building envelop systems.


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