Architecture Facades

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Architecture Facades

Architecture Façades

Architecture and façades have gone through many changes over the past decades; from the revival of ornate classical Renaissance design, brutalism and postmodernism, through to today’s more technical inspired and sleek conceptual designs. However, as with all of these types of architecture, façade architecture has always taken front and centre stage. Building envelops have always and will always be what defines the structure, its usage and its overriding appeal.

Building Envelope Design

As construction technology and technical performances improve, so does the opportunities and functionality of façade architecture; be it in the form of Rainscreen Cladding or façade design itself. Airsculpt-Façades are at the forefront of what is now possible with façade architecture. With a multi-disciplined approach to façade architecture including building envelope cladding, façade rainscreen’s, Airsculpt-Façades is ideally placed to assist on design development, engineering and installation of both standardised and bespoke façade architecture.  In addition Airsculpt-Façades catalogue of offerings include, Metal Panels “AirPan®”, Expanded Mesh “AirMesh™”, Laser Etched Imagery “Air-Tec”, Solid Surface Facades, Interactive Media Delivery “AirLumm™” and Glazed Curtain Walling.

Ventilated Façades

Ventilated Façades are a relatively modern introduction to façade architecture. Originally developed to protect a buildings substructure against the harsh impact of wind and rain, whilst at the same time improving a buildings overall thermal properties and values; Ventilated Facades are now commonplace within all forms of commercial construction projects.  In addition, Ventilated Facades enable designers to introduce some truly remarkable aesthetic characteristics and improved soundproofing. The choice of materials on offer now is relatively endless, from natural stone cladding and metals; through to porcelain tiles, glass and solid surface materials such as Krion and Corian, we can now wrap a buildings envelope to achieve any aesthetic aspect required.

However, ventilated façades also need to be carefully designed to include fire protection as they can often act like a chimney flue should a fire take hold.  As such fire regulations above certain heights need to be adhered to by the letter.