Architectural Facade Lighting

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Architectural Facade Lighting

Architectural Facade Lighting

LED Illuminated building façades and building envelopes not only add to the versatility of the architecture itself but alters how we see and use the building. Building façades are powerful fixed statements which can be used to convey messages, communicate emotions and create attention. Contemporary lighting solutions for building façades also needs to add value, showing a building off to its best potential whilst providing a positive corporate image.

With Airsculpt-Façades architectural Façade Lighting team’s assistance, façade lighting can be used to enhance architectural appeal and building aesthetics whilst reinforcing the overriding architectural intent. Additionally façade LED lighting can be used to transform a building’s façade into an interactive media display which captivates and enthrals. Thanks to the improvements in design technology, never before has there been such an inclusive approach possible to façade lighting solutions.

Comprehensive Lighting Solutions

Our consultative and complete project management approach to façade lighting, inclusive of design, engineering, fabrication and installation aids us in supporting our clients from the very outset to full project completion. This ensures a consistent methodology and product understanding is taken forward throughout the entire project, providing our client with exacting project based knowledge expertise every step of the way.

Backed by our consultative ethos, Airsculpt-Façades lighting team work hand in hand with our structural designers to ensure the implementation of lighting or media displays is taken into account within all aspects of design. This allows us to deliver façade projects and Façade lighting solutions that are easy to maintain, upgrade and service, which can often be a problem when working with two separate contractors.

Interactive Media Façade Lighting

Airsculpt-Façades lighting team where amongst the first in the UK to develop interactive LED lighting systems, merged with rear projection and motion tracking technology to deliver fully interactive media based facades. With upgrades in technology such as BMS (Building Management Systems), DMX (Digital multiplex systems), controllers utilising PWM ( Pulse Width Modulation) and RGBAW-UV LED lighting, which gives the option of over 20,000 light colour combinations, it is now possible for our team deliver fully interactive Solid Surface media façades. The results are a façade which hides its ability to be interactive. Imagine gazing at your wall at home, then to see a full colour moving image appear from inside the wall, no projection and it is still a solid wall you are looking at.

Façade Lighting System Range

Airsculpt-Façades lighting have developed a specified range of Façade LED Lighting Systems ‘Air-Lit200™, Air-Lit300™ and the Air-Lit450™’ to meet the needs and variants of all differing types Façade Lighting projects. Each of these systems utilizes the latest in ecological and energy saving technology, underpinning our low carbon era, providing control over energy costs opposed to older lighting systems.


The Air-Lit200™ system incorporates LED RGB receiving controller units utilising PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for full colour control and mapping each individual Led. The system allows for fixed colour optional façade design lighting or multi-phase wash affect or mood changing colour swaps.


The Air-Lit300™System incorporates upgraded LED RGB receiving controller units utilising PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for full colour control and mapping each individual Led. The system is specified to be linked to a BMS system with pre-programed lighting design allowing for complex façade lighting effects and logo integration. System can be linked to Internet and Wifi networks. This allows for maintenance checks and additional reprogramming as and when needed.


System incorporates award winning LED RGBAW-UV lighting and receiving controller units utilising PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for full colour control and mapping each individual Led. Linked directly to a BMS and DMX control systems with fully integrated ‘dedicated’ Wifi and Internet controllers, the system offers both on and off site programing capabilities, enabling multi building sequencing of video type displays. This system utilises the latest in BMS systems and promising a Rosetta stone, translating data input from users, building sensors etc. The Air-Lit450™ allows for a smart learning interface that can be merged to the buildings sensors and modifying day lighting controls, allowing for a Façade lighting system with self-optimization.

Façade Lighting Maintenance

Airsculpt-Façades provides a tailored annual maintenance service on all our installed Façade Lighting. Depending upon installation, maintenance may include upgrades, re-programming, software updates, replacements of faulty units and upgrading of wiring looms.

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