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AirMesh™ Metal Facades

AirMesh™ is a highly developed and specialist range of perforated, expanded and woven metal façade rain screen cladding systems. Each of our AirMesh™ product and specifications has been especially chosen for their suitability towards today’s modern façade architecture and building rain screen cladding requirements.

The AirMesh™ product provides architects, specifiers and main contractors with the ability to transform both new and existing building façades into unique and striking architecture that reflects quality and style. Airsculpt-Façades AirMesh™ panels are manufactured in standardised sizes; however, lengths and widths can easily be adjusted to suite design intent based upon pre-ordering agreements. In addition, AirMesh™ can be anodised or powder coated in almost any colour range imaginable, including mixed coloured batches, offering a highly adaptable and exclusive impact to façade architecture and building envelopes.


AirMesh™ Installation

Each AirMesh™ Installation is programmed in with appropriate “approved” façade and rainscreen façade support systems. Each project will begin with a full design and engineering process to determine numbers of brackets required, rail lengths and numbers, potential splitter boxes and panel connections. These are then input within our CAD software programme to precisely argument the agreed design output, before being confirmed with site survey detailing. The result is a perfectly matched installation blueprint to mirror architectural plans.

Installation is carried out by our dedicated Airsculpt-Façades installation team in accordance to site survey and architectural plans; ensuring appropriate health and safety measures are taken. Each of

Air Mesh

AirMesh™ Design Options

Our AirMesh™ portfolio comes in various selections of metals and including Aluminium, Steel and Corten, also available in 3, 4 & 5mm thicknesses with various finishing’s, providing a comprehensive range in the way of the AirMesh™ Design Options.

All Aluminium AirMesh™ systems are available in Anodised, Polyester Powder Coatings to variety of RAL colours and clear for a highly effective shimmering appearance.

Our AirMesh™ Steel systems are available in either Galvanised, Zinc Plaiting and a variety of Polyester Powder Coated RAL colours including a clear lacquered finish.

Our Corten urban metal range offer a distinct natural rust appearance and protective coating against the elements.

For more information on Airsulpt-Facades AirMesh™ systems please call us on +44(0)1249 848649, or, email us at Alternatively further information on specifications can be accessed at our downloads section.