Airsculpt Facades

Air Tec

Air-Tec is Airsculpt-Façades specialist façade design development process incorporating Laser Etched and Perforated Imagery, Photo Realistic Printing, Metal Manipulation and Pre-formed Façade cladding and Panelling etc.

By incorporating such technics, including precision etched or perforated imagery in to the design of a building’s façade or building envelope, you are instantly able to bring any siding to life; be it for improving architectural impact or for emphasising a specific brand or branding exercise. These bespoke techniques, with the use of carefully placed and designed architectural lighting, can allow the side of a building to come to life, effortlessly change its appearance at the flick of a switch.


Types of Air-Tec Processes

At Airsculpt-Façades we understand that design and architecture are continuously evolving, changing and reinventing itself over and over. That is why we took the forward thinking and adaptable approach in securing the right types of processes; processes that are best met for delivering on a vast variety of design options which today’s modern laser cut architect could want.

The result is Airsculpt-Facades provide the following Air-Tec Processes:

  • Laser Etching – Photo Realistic capabilities for etching on 2D and 3D metal panelling.
  • Perforated Imagery – Precision laser cut perforation. Can be used on solid panels and in conjunction with our AirMesh™ systems for maximum effect.
  • Printing – Precision ‘Photo Realistic’ printing. Can be used on flat metal panelling, perforated metal mesh, membrane fabrics and preformed panelling.
  • Embossing – Designs can be adapted with specific bespoke tooling to create patterns protrusions or indents as required.
  • Preformed – Metal panels solid, expanded or perforated can be designed and constructed to replicate angular, elliptical or multifaceted designed panels.

Design & Engineering

Airsculpt-Façades offers a fully comprehensive design and engineering services, ensuring the highest levels of service are met. Our in-house design and engineering team are able to assist with design development throughout the entirety of the project, allowing for complete adaptability prior to sign off and fabrication.

With the above in-house processes and metal fabrication facilities, Airsculpt-Façades are able to design, engineering, fabricate and install limitless bespoke options of Façade Architecture.