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Air-LUMM™ is a uniquely developed range of Light Emitting Diode ‘LED’ architectural lighting panels, specifically developed for the ever increasing need for architectural and media façade lighting.

The Air-LUMM™ range of lighting and media panels can be used in conjunction with several different types of façade panelling and cladding systems including, Expanded & Perforated Metal ‘AirMesh™ and Solid Surface material alike.


Media Façade Lighting

The Air-LUMM™ multi-Media adopted approach, which utilises RGBAW-UV LED lighting, permits 20,000 light colour combinations per diode meaning it is now possible for our team to deliver fully interactive moving imagery panels within façade architecture. By linking these panels we are able to design and deliver large scale video wall panelling as part of standardised interior or exterior architecture.

Air-LUMM™ Solid Surface Media Panel

The Air-LUMM™ Solid Surface Media Panel “Air-LUMM5000™”, is a highly developed and comprehensive standalone LED media panel that is integrated within the solid surface material itself; allowing for complete invisibility until activated. Especially developed with ‘Heat Sink Technology’ the Air-LUMM™ Solid Surface Media Panel directly absorbs expelled heat directly from the lighting source, providing an elongated lifespan over and above that of standardised LED media systems. With IP ‘Internet Protocol’ and full mobile App connection technology imbedded, the Air-LUMM™ Solid Surface Media Panel is the world’s the first fully integrated / interactive façade solid surface media system, permitting live feed video steaming capabilities.

With Patent Pending the Air-LUMM Media panel provides Airsculpt-Façades and The Airsculpt Group with a distinct advantage over and above potential competitors in the world of Solid Surface Façades where media interface is required.

Design and Development

As with all aspects of façade projects, Airsculpt-Facades provide a comprehensive range of services in the way of design and engineering; the same goes for the supply and installation of our Air-LUMM™ lighting and media systems.

We will meet with all appropriate project personnel to help outline which Air-LUMM™ panel system is required before moving on to design, layout and desired connectivity. Whereas standardised systems may not yield the exact requirements, our technical engineering team have the ability to cross pollenate and merge certain technical aspects of our systems to provide a fully bespoke “Project Specific” technical solution to meet the exacting needs of the end client.


Air-LUMM™ Panel System Range

Airsculpt-Façades lighting have developed a specified range of Façade LED Lighting Systems ‘Air-LUMM200™, Air-LUMM300™, Air-LUMM450™ and the Air-LUMM5000™,   to meet the needs and variants of all differing types Façade Lighting projects.  Each of these systems utilizes the latest in ecological and energy saving technology, underpinning our low carbon era, providing control over energy costs opposed to older lighting systems.

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Alternatively further information on specifications can be accessed at our downloads section.