December 19, 2016

The Airsculpt Group, working as the newly formed Airsculpt Façades, have successfully delivered a UK first.  A completely free standing, interactive, solid surface Entrance Façade in Tottenham, London, was needed to mark the opening of a new technical college.  We were brought in, at the 11th hour, to pull the project together as no other company could be found with the expertise and skills to deliver this unique project on budget and within a very challenging time frame.

It quickly became clear, after discussing the design vision with the architects, that we would have to develop a revolutionary new lighting system.  Little did we know that a project for a technical college would spark a technical development process that would give birth to Airsculpt Façades patented Air-Lumm

Corian Façades

Due to the lease restrains of the building the design specification dictated that there were to be zero attachments to the existing structure.  The solution to this required a ‘free-floating, stand-alone’ framework that was capable of withstanding all weather conditions, wind deflection and any possible weather damage.

The AIR-LUMM™ system was then integrated with this structure in such a way that when the Corian façade panels were offered up, their custom manufacture mirrored the AIR-LUMM™ patterning to the millimetre.  The AIR-LUMM™ patterning incorporated a geodesic grid formation with each node being a programmable LED.  The LED nodes were spaced with a pitch of 100mm and the Corian façade panels were specifically produced to match this patterning formation.

The programmable nature of the LED’s enable over 16,000 possible colours to be produced at any given LED node as well as making it possible to implement future design changes with minimal disruption.

Another Successful UK First

The solid surface entrance façade at Ada College is the first interactive LED solid surface installation of its type to be delivered in the UK.  Airsculpt were solely responsible for designing and engineering the interactive LED systems, façade framework and customised Corian façade panels.  All of these were expertly installed by Airsculpt approved installation teams.

Nothing like this had been undertaken before in the UK and thus a vast amount of design development was completed during the project.  This has resulted in Airsculpt Group, with its expertise focused under Airsculpt Façades, obtaining the expertise and experience to place us at the forefront of what is now possible with solid surface façades integrated with interactive LED systems.

Our experience of delivering high-end, unique, engineering solutions ensured that this project was delivered, within a very challenging time frame, on time and on budget.  The project has been so much of a success Airsculpt Façades have been invited back to discuss a full interactive building façade for a new college building that is being built.

Interactive Building Envelope

The evolution of modern materials such as Corian, Krion and Hi-macs has helped revolutionise the façade and building envelope industry.  As architects are becoming more familiar with what they can achieve with these materials their designs are evolving to incorporate ever more ‘impossible’ finishes to their buildings.

These finishes have been pushed to the extreme thanks to materials like Hi-macs which can achieve almost any 3D shape thanks to its thermoplastic forming capabilities.  This, coupled with a hidden fixing system provides a virtually seamless, sculpted 3D exterior to a building which, until the advent of these materials and techniques, would otherwise have been impossible.

This is where Airsculpt Façades pushes the envelope even further allowing designers to bring in colour and lighting effects architectural facade lighting which can change the mood, feel and ‘landmark’ factor.

ctor of a building.  In addition, over the past 6 months The Airsculpt Group have invested considerable amounts of time, energy and finance in developing the AIR-LUMM™ system.  We now have a system that can transform any Corian, Krion or Hi-macs solid surface façade or building envelope into a fully functioning interactive video wall.

The ability to make what appears to be a plain solid surface façade into a video wall capable of streaming video at the flick of a switch is truly the ultimate statement a 21st century building can make.  Even the façade of  modern, hi-tec. buildings can now interact directly with today’s digital generation.

If you would like to find out more information about Airsculpt Façades, the AIR-LUMM™ system or talk to us about a façade/building envelope project, please  contact us on or +44 (0) 1249 848 649.